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This guide explains all the steps to participate in the Exporecerca Jove

  • 05/02/2021 05/02/2021

    Send application

    Sign up. When you do so, an email will be sent to activate the user. Enter to your user where you will find the ID of your project and the form you must fill out to continue with the application.
    You will have to fill in all the required information about your project: title of the project, explanatory video, pdf document, tutor, educational center, subject ...

    Record yourself in sequence explaining your project for 1 minute and 30 seconds (maximum). We will not accept large post-productions or montages. We care about the content of your speech, not the technical quality of the video, so you can even record with your mobile.

    How do we get the video?
    1. Upload the video to YouTube ( in hidden mode
    2. Copy the video link in the corresponding section of the project information

    Upload your project document in PDF format, with a maximum length of 3 sheets. The first 2 can include images.

    You can see how to prepare the video and PDF correctly in the 'How to prepare a good application' section.
  • 08/02/2021 08/02/2021

    Publication of selected projects

    We will notify who has been selected to participate in Exporecerca Jove via email and your website profile.

    Those on the waiting list and those not selected will also be notified.
  • 12/02/2021 12/02/2021

    Send Registration

    Accepted participants will be able to complete the entire registration process from the user.

    To formalize the registration, fill in the required data of all the authors and make the payment of 15 € by author (10 € for participants of associated centers).
  • 27/02/2021 27/02/2021

    XXII Exporecerca Jove: Online Phase

    - Prepare your online presentation: you can use digital resources as a support by sharing your screen.

    - Expose: Exporecerca Jove will be divided in three exposition sections:
    1. Saturday 27th February: 11-14h and 15-17h.
    2. Sunday 28th February: 10-14h.

    In each exposition section, different virtual rooms will run simultaneously. In each virtual room, there will be 4 projects and 4 juries. Each project will have 10 minutes to expose and some time to interact with the juries. During the rest of the section, participants will listen to the presentations of the other projects. All the virtual rooms will be open to the public.

    During the Online Phase, each project will present at least two times, distributed into two different sections previously assigned, where they will be evaluated by a minimum of 8 different juries. All the projects participating in the Online Phase will opt to the Sponsors Awards.

    - Finalists Selection: on February 28th afternoon, the 20 finalists projects that will participate in the Final Phase will be announced, and so, the projects that will opt to Exporecerca Awards and Mencions ISEF
  • 26/03/2021 26/03/2021

    XXII Exporecerca Jove: Final Phase

    Prepare an exposition of 10 minutes and the audiovisual support you may need.

    Expose: Each finalist will expose its project to the juries and the public of the Online Phase in an auditorium. Expositions must adjust to the indicated time.

    Closing Ceremony: On Sunday 28th, the winners of the XXII Exporecerca Jove and the Sponsors Awards will be announced, as well as the Mencions Intel.


In order to finish your Exporecerca Jove Pre-registration, you'll have to upload video and a pdf document. The pdf will gather the most important parts of your project, while the video will show your ability to explain your project.
Everyone who wants to participate in Exporecerca Jove will have to record a video (1 minute and 30 seconds maximum) explaining what their project consists of. This will speed up the selection process, apart from introducing the oral expression of the participants as one of the values to consider. Despite this, we would like the video to be as easy as possible to make, using any type of non professional camera, including your mobile phone or any other device you have at home. Imagine you're talking to someone who knows nothing about your project, you'll have to explain the most important parts of it, remember you only have a minute! The quality of the video won't depend on the technical image, but only on the ability to synthesize and express yourself.

Once it's recorded upload it to YouTube, put it as unlisted and send us the link through your user.
The PDF document has to include the most important information about your project. It can only have 3 pages , but the third one is exclusively reserved for Bibliography ( annexes won't be accepted, if you want you can include images on the first 2 pages). Therefore, you will have to synthesise as much as possible without deforming the project and showing everything that makes yours different.

The document will have the following sections:
  • Project title
  • Authors
  • Educational center
  • Introduction
  • Hypothesis and Goals
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Bibliography
Text format:
  • Arial font, size 11
  • 1.5 line spacing
  • Sections' titles in bold
  • Maximum 2 pages for contents and 1 page for the Bibliography



Sample video
Sample document
Descarga la rúbrica que els de l'equip de MAGMA farem servir per seleccionar els participants (clica aquí)

Com preparar una bona exposició

Si t'agradaria anar a països d'arreu del món a presentar el teu treball de recerca, aprofita l'oportunitat i prepara la millor exposició que puguis, d'aquesta manera aconseguiràs millors valoracions del jurat i tindràs més possibilitats de guanyar un premi Exporecerca Jove.

De cara a facilitar la feina al jurat, es recomana als participants que preparin una exposició del seu treball que no superi els 10 minuts. Per poder optar a tots els premis, cal saber defensar el treball en català/castellà i en anglès.


A l'Exporecerca Jove valorem molt positivament la claredat i la senzillesa de les exposicions. Tot i això, haureu d'intentar adaptar el vostre discurs a la persona que estigueu explicant el vostre projecte. A més a més, recomanem que tingueu un bon acompanyament audiovisual. Al vostre estand podeu penjar fotografies, imatges, pòsters, etc. També podreu exposar maquetes, portar una pantalla o qualsevol cosa que us vingui a la ment. Tots els estands es trobaran sobre una taula i hi haurà un endoll connectat a la xarxa elèctrica. Recordeu que els estands són de cartró, no es pot penjar gaire pes.

Mides estand:
  1. Els panells laterals són 50cm x 100cm cadascun
  2. El panell central és 100cm x 100cm (visible 95cm x 100cm)
  3. Títol/capçalera proporcionada per MAGMA
Descarrega la rúbrica que el jurat farà servir per avaluar els participants (clica aquí)