Pedagogic resources

Submitted by helenariascasals on Sat, 12/05/2020 - 20:11

We are usually faced with teenagers demotivated or uninterested in learning. Research becomes a very efficient remedy to motivate. From MAGMA we offer workshops and tools to work on and develop the research quality in school. MAGMA members will give these workshops in a remote and practical way for both students and teachers. We also offer accompaniment during the fair and the final phase of the current Exporecerca Jove.

Contact us to apply to any of these workshops via the email with the subject WORKSHOPS and we will answer you as soon as possible.

  • Workshops for students (1h)

    We offer workshops in a remote way for students to know MAGMA as an organization and acquire the needed motivation to start with their research projects. Through the explanation, reflection and practice of what a research project guided by the scientific method is and how it is done and offering practical steps about which has to be the path to follow.

  • Workshops for teachers (1h)

    We offer workshops in a remote way for the teachers' team to get to know MAGMA as an organization and get conscious of the importance of learning through sharing information with equals. We also offer a guide to assess the guidance to be done through the research through the scientific method process.

  • Accompaniment to the Exporecerca Jove

    We offer accompaniment to the visitant groups during the Exporecerca Jove fair and during the final phase. Explaining to them how each of the acts works, accompanying them to visit the different stands and following the different explanations. Letting them know by themselves what it means to be a participant in Exporecerca Jove. More information