Due to the restrictions caused by COVID-19, this year the Exporecerca Jove will have a two-phase format. A first online and a final phase in person. To see all the details, we recommend that you visit the main page of Exporecerca Jove:



Associated centers pay an annual fee to Magma of 100€. The associated center must commit to having a club of young researchers (or similar) and to organizing a science fair at its center. The associated centers will be able to make sure that they have at least one project that participates in the Exporecerca Jove. In addition, all participants who come from an associated center will have a reduced registration fee. If you have any questions, you can write to us at and we will send you all the necessary documentation!

What is the role of tutors at Exporecerca Jove?

Tutors who enroll will enjoy a very enriching experience as well as live Exporecerca Jove of first hand. The 15€ fee includes various talks and training activities so that tutors can support their students and provide them with all the necessary help to carry out research according to the appropriate scientific methodology, in addition to the ‘Participant Pack’.

Must tutors register on the website?

If the project tutor wants to see the information that the student upload and wants to be up to date with all the emails that are sent, it must be registered, once inside the user he must indicate which are the IDs of the projects he is tutoring (each project has an ID that can be seen within the user of the students).

This year, in addition, if the school wants to pay the registration fee of the Exporecerca Jove to its students will have to do it through the user of a tutor, this way everything will be much more agile.

usuari tutor