Guide XXIII Exporecerca Jove



Dear participant,

If you have come here it is because your Research Project has been selected to participate in the XXIII Exporecerca Jove. Congratulations on all your hard work over the past few months.

The exceptional circumstances we have had to live with for the last two years have led the volunteers of MAGMA, Associació per Promoure la Recerca Jove, to work with great desire and enthusiasm to maintain the essence of the Exporecerca Jove. This year, recovering the FAIR format that so identifies us and bringing many new features such as the Final Phase. We hope you enjoy this edition and have a great experience.

In this guide, you will find all the essential information to participate in the Exporecerca Jove. For special attention to the dates, times, and technical information about the stand, a space where you will exhibit your project throughout the fair.

If you have any questions, you can write to us at We look forward to helping you!

Finally, to find out all the news, don't forget to follow us on social media: Instagram (@exporecercajove), Twitter (@magmarecerca), Facebook ( and TikTok (@exporecercajove).

A big hug!

Aina Solsona and Pol Burkardt
Directors of the XXIII Exporecerca Jove


opening (ES & EN)
opening (CA)
display and judging
display and judging
display and judging
display and judging
display and judging
lunch and cosmocaixa science museum
awards ceremony at cosmocaixa
March 9
March 10
March 11
March 12
fcb experience
la pedrera
Barcelona walking tour
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set up
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List of projects

Map: Projects distribution

The FAIR will take place at La Salle Campus Barcelona (Carrer del Lluçanès, 43, Barcelona).
To access the XXIII Exporecerca Jove venue, all visitors must obtain a free ticket via the following link: Participants, tutors and jury must NOT book tickets.


All participants and tutors must arrive at the Exporecerca Jove on Wednesday, March 9, between 2:00 pm and 3:30 pm* for an antigen test, to be accredited, and to set up the stand.

All participants will be able to assemble their stand until 6:00 p.m. If you need more time, the fair will open on Thursday, March 10 from 9:00 am to 10:00 am so that participants can finish the final details of the assembly.

* It is necessary to arrive with sufficient time to avoid that the assembly overlaps with the rest of the activities of the afternoon (inauguration and FCB Experience).


The opening ceremony will take place in the Architecture Auditorium of the Salle Campus Barcelona (accessible on foot from the fairgrounds) on Wednesday 9 March and will be divided into two shifts*:
  • Opening in Spanish and English at 3:30 pm
  • Opening in Catalan at 4:30 pm
* Catalan participants who enjoy visiting the FCB Experience will have to attend the opening at 3:30 pm (Spanish and English).


The exhibition periods will take place during the morning and afternoon of Thursday 10 March and Friday 11 March and during the morning of Saturday 12 March.

During the three days, participants will have to present* their project repeatedly to members of the jury and visitors of the Exporecerca Jove. he members of the jury will listen to your presentations, ask you questions, and finally evaluate you according to the following rubric.

* At the end of the participant guide, you can find the section How to prepare a good presentation with tips and practical information that may be of interest to you.


Both Thursday, March 10, and Friday, March 11, the lunch break will be from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. During the morning of both days, we will deliver a ticket, which you must deliver to La Salle’s cafeteria at 13:00 to have lunch. The remaining time of the break will be free time to rest.

Unlike the rest of the days, lunch on Saturday 12 March will be collected at the cafeteria of La Salle at 2 pm (following the same ticket distribution system) and we will all travel together to the CosmoCaixa Science Square, where we will have a picnic lunch.

Ceremony awards

The closing ceremony of the FAIR will take place on Saturday 12 March at 5 pm in the CosmoCaixa Auditorium. The public (family, friends, etc.) will be able to follow the event from CosmoCaixa's enabled rooms and from our communication channels (Facebook, YouTube…), where it will be broadcast live.

At this event, the winning works of the Sponsor Awards.will be announced first. The Exporecerca Awards for categories A, B and E will then be awarded, and finally, the 12 finalists in category C will be announced, who will take part in the Final Phase of the XXIII Exporecerca Jove on March 26.


The activities will start on time at the time indicated in the guide. Therefore, attendees are kindly requested to arrive at the meeting points in advance.

All activities are optional and recommended.

The organization reserves the right to make changes to the schedule, with prior notice to the official channels.


camp fcb

FCB Experience

Wednesday, March 9 at 4 pm

Have you always wanted to visit Camp Nou and the Barça Museum? Now is your time!

With MAGMA you can get a ticket for the Basic Tour (Barça Stadium Tour & Museum) with a 40% discount.

Among other things, you will find an area dedicated to Leo Messi, the trophy cabinet, and the interactive room, where you can remember Barça's milestones. You will also have a panoramic view of the entire Camp Nou.
Both activities25€

LA PEDRERA (Casa Milà)

Thursday, March 10 at 4:30 p.m.

Visit La Pedrera and you will enter the world of Antoni Gaudí. You will discover firsthand how nature is the origin and inspiration of the building. Casa Milà, known as La Pedrera, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also the architect's latest civil work. A unique building, a masterpiece of nature where Gaudí's imagination can be fully understood.

The transfer from Exporecerca to La Pedrera is by bus. Get your ticket at the Exporecerca Jove information point. Capacity is limited.


Friday, March 11 at 5:00 pm

Guided tour of the center of Barcelona done by MAGMA.
Duration: 90 minutes. Offered in English and Spanish.
Transfer by public transport.

Itinerary: Plaça Catalunya, Rambla de Canaletes, Plaça Reial, Plaça Sant Jaume, Plaça del Rei and the Cathedral. (optional: Born, Arc de Triomf, Parc de la Ciutadella).


Saturday, March 12 at 2:00 pm

We will end the week visiting the Barcelona Science Museum, CosmoCaixa, and its new Univers exhibition.

After the fair, participants, tutors, and members of the organization will walk to the Science Square, the area of the Museum where we will have lunch on Saturday in a picnic format.

The visit to CosmoCaixa will be free. At 5:00 pm, everyone must be in the Museum Auditorium, where the closing ceremony and awards ceremony will take place.

how to prepare a good exposure and a good stand

If you would like to go to countries around the world to present your research project, take the opportunity and prepare the best exhibition you can. In this way, you will get better ratings from the jury and you will have more chances to win an Exporecerca Jove award.

To make this possible, we encourage you to follow the recommendations below.
  • Take a look at the rubric where you can see what aspects the jury will focus on and how you should do it to have a good evaluation.
  • To facilitate the work of the jury, participants are encouraged to prepare a presentation of their work that does not exceed 10 minutes.
  • Prepare good audiovisual material (images, posters, mock-ups…) that will help you make your presentation more enjoyable and will also be valued by the jury.
  • We value the clarity and simplicity of the exhibitions very positively. However, you should try to tailor your speech to the person you are explaining your project to.
  • To be able to opt for all the prizes, with knowing how to defend the project in Catalan/Spanish and English.
  • Finally, we encourage you to wear the XXIII Exporecerca Jove de la T-shirt.
Stand technical information:
  • The stands will be cross-shaped and will therefore be distributed in modules of 4.
  • Each project will have 2 panels of 1m x 2m each(visible 1m x 1m: there is a table (1.8 m x 0.75 m) in front of the stand).
  • There will be a plug connected to the mains per stand.
  • The header/title is provided by MAGMA.
  • Only adhesive tape or sticky tag can be used.