About us MAGMA, Associació per promoure la Recerca Jove, is a catalan non-governmental international scope association formed mainly by young people who are passionate about science and research, whose aim is mainly to arouse the curiosity for the investigation among other young people. The association was born in 2005 in Barcelona, even though since 1999 we already exist as a group. Learn more...

what we do

Exporecerca Jove
Exporecerca Jove is an international research fair held annually in Barcelona. Its objectives are to promote research among young people, to promote the exchange of experiences and knowledge and to promote participation in other fairs and congresses of national and international scope. The fair has a total of 21 editions and this year will be celebrated with two phases, the first will take place online on 27 and 28 February and the final phase on 26 and 27 March.
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Pedagogic resources
Teachers usually complain about the lack of motivation and interest that students have. The use of research is presented as a very effective remedy that dramatically encourages students' interest in the subject. So, from MAGMA we want to offer courses and talks in which we explain and provide tools, both for teachers and students regarding research.
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